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Kevin Smith to Talk You Through All of This Summer’s Most Awesome Movies

As anyone with a passing familiarity with Kevin Smith (and his Twitter) knows, the man 1) loves talking about movies, 2) hates critics talking about movies. So, he’s doing the logical thing and launching his own film discussion show, where he will be free to address his favorite subject in the uncritical, hyper manner he prefers. Spoilers, a half-hour series taped in front of a studio audience, will premiere on Hulu on June 4 — just in time to cover all the summer blockbusters. As the trailer tells us, it is going to be “awesome.”

In addition to what will surely be extensive commentary from Smith, the show will feature “celebrity guests” and Jason Mewes, because Jay and Silent Bob are forever. Viewers will also get a chance to hear from the aforementioned studio audience, which will consist of 50 people who sign on to be there through this website: “It’s going be easy to fill those slots, but the trick, of course, is filling them with people who have something to say,” he explained to Wired. “But who doesn’t have something to say in this day and age? Everybody wants a platform — social media is all about, ‘I have an opinion and here it is!’” No one knows that better than you, Kevin.

Kevin Smith to Do Hulu ‘Anti-Movie Review’ Show