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Killer Joe Trailer: An NC-17 Matthew McConaughey Slays

If the romantic comedy genre is slowly dying, Matthew McConaughey appears to be getting out just in time. Once dismissed as a lightweight leading man, McConaughey is now starring in two films headed to Cannes (The Paperboy and Mud), proves a bright spot in Richard Linklater’s acclaimed indie Bernie, strips down to assless chaps for Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike, and will then be seen in the controversial, NC-17 Killer Joe. Directed by William Friedkin, Joe casts McConaughey as a dangerous hit man who agrees to whack Emile Hirsch’s mother for a price: namely, he gets to keep Hirsch’s sister Juno Temple as collateral. Eventually, Gina Gershon and a chicken leg get involved too. Alright alright alright?

Killer Joe Trailer: Matthew McConaughey Slays