Left Handed Radio: ‘Rue Britannia’

The Left Handed Radio crew performs an audio love-letter to merry old England.

On this live episode, sketches include: Fancy a soak?, an open apology from England, the theme for the 2012 London Olympics, the “Downton Abbey” Parody Challenge, Ralph the Talking Dog meets Percival, Princess Di driving F1, Eric Gersen performs, Entitlement cologne, taking darts seriously, and the fate of the monarchy rests in the hands of a drunk American in a diaper.

This month’s show was written and performed by Adam Bozarth, Dan Chamberlain, Matt Little, Taylor Moore, and Anna Rubanova with special guests Eric Gersen and John Milhiser.

Thanks to John Flynn, Alex Adan in the booth, and Sam Bradford and John Robert Wilson for puppeteering.

Cover photo by Curtis Retherford.

Listen now: Left Handed Radio - Episode 16 - Rue Britannia

Left Handed Radio: ‘Rue Britannia’