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Magic Mike Trailer No. 2: Less Whining, More Stripping

To be fair, the first trailer for Magic Mike, Steven Soderbergh’s highly, desperately anticipated male stripper movie, did involve a reasonable amount of shirtless dancing. But for every shot of Channing Tatum pop-and-locking his pants off, there was a scene in which a pretty woman felt the need to voice her concerns about Tatum’s chosen profession. “Why are you stripping?” Why aren’t you stripping, right now, on the screen? was Vulture’s response. So it heartens us to see that almost all moral objections have been removed from this second trailer; instead, along with the opening party scene and the $20 conversation from last time, we get a little Alex Pettyfer-Tatum bromance, some dance lessons from Matthew McConaughey, and … more stripping. Correct choice! We won’t keep you any longer, except to say that what happens at the 1:47 mark is incredible and destined for the ONTD GIF Wall of Fame. Oh God, just watch already. 

Magic Mike Trailer 2: Now With More Stripping