NBC Picks Up Yet Another New Sitcom, This One Produced by Jimmy Fallon

NBC is on a sitcom-ordering roll; having already picked up four new series for the fall season, they just went and made it five with Guys With Kids. It’s a multi-cam sitcom, unlike the other four, and it’ll be executive produced by Jimmy Fallon. It’ll be about “a group of dads in their thirties who don’t feel mature enough to be parents, despite having kids.”

Sounds promising! But boy, five new half-hour sitcoms for the fall season sure doesn’t bode well for NBC’s existing comedy lineup. With each new pickup the prospects of on-the-bubble shows like Up All Night and Whitney grow slimmer, and the chances of Community, Parks and Rec and 30 Rock getting sad little half-seasons rather than full season pickups seems more likely. And as for BFFs, which is the subject of a spirited #saveBFF twitter campaign? Well…that is definitely not happening, unfortunately. There’s just no room for it. But we’ll have to wait and see what the real-deal schedule is going to end up being next Monday — NBC may even pick up a sixth new series, a multicam show called Daddy’s Girls. If that happens, who the hell knows what will come back in the fall, if anything. Yikes.

NBC Picks Up Yet Another New Sitcom, This One Produced […]