NBC Renews ‘Parks and Rec,’ ‘The Office’ and ‘Up All Night’

NBC is going to have a whole lot of sitcoms next season; they just renewed Parks and Rec, The Office and Up All Night, with Whitney rumored to be not far behind. That gets the number of sitcoms on the peacock up to a whopping 11 next year by my count, with five new series joining 30 Rock, Community, Parks and Rec, The Office, Up All Night and Whitney. And a sixth new show may be picked up as well!

It remains to be seen how long all of these seasons will be. Parks got a 13-episode order, as rumored, just like 30 Rock and Community. Could all of these shows be getting shorter seasons to fit them all in, following a cable/British model of shorter seasons? Maybe! It’s not entirely clear as of yet, but we will of course keep you updated.

Update: Parks and Rec’s new season will actually be a full 22 episodes! Huzzah!

NBC Renews ‘Parks and Rec,’ ‘The Office’ and ‘Up All […]