Jay-Z and Kanye’s No Church in the Wild Video: It’s a Riot

Who needs The Avengers when we’ve got The Throne around to incite violent justice everywhere with No Church in the Wild’s bassy thrum? The video kicks off with Kanye or a Kanye lookalike (maybe it’s just the scarf?) slo-mo launching a Molotov cocktail at a riot squad, an invocation to much more slo-mo police-burning in the newest clip from Romain Gavras, who directed M.I.A.’s ultraviolent, banned-from-YouTube “Born Free” video. No Church is an uncomfortably realistic reenactment of uprisings that have, notably, been taking place constantly in Non-Music-Video Land, only set to that Frank Ocean–featuring, Great Gatsby trailer–scoring jam. It’s all very Children of Men–slick, but not not confusing. Things become extra odd once Kanye starts vibing about infidelity, throwing cocaine on a female acquaintance’s skin, and the availability of taxis at 5 a.m. And there’s an elephant. Never forget that there is an elephant.

No Church in the Wild Video: It’s a Riot