‘30 Rock’ and ‘Parenthood’ Officially Renewed, ‘Office’ Regulars Returning – Woo and Hoo

It has been speculated for a week or so but it still feels nice to get an official word. As we reported, 30 Rock will be given an abbreviated final season. It’s sad news for a show arguably still at the height of its powers but it’s a hell of a lot better than it just getting taken off without a finale. In a time rife with cancellation speculation (band name?), it’s nice for a show like 30 Rock to be able to write itself a proper ending; it’s what Tina Fey always wanted. No word on Community and Parks & Recreation but things still look solid, if even for shortened seasons, as it would be a pretty daunting task for NBC to launch five new comedies without a few veteran shows to support their growth. The most veteran of which, The Office, will have its main stars – Ed Helms, John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer – back for another season, if there is another season, which there almost definitely will be. This news comes after a contract negotiation stalemate and reboot rumors (that now definitely look like a bluff). There is no word of who is going to run the show with Paul Lieberstein leaving for the Dwight spinoff. Also, no word if Creed is coming back, because no one reports on Creed, but they should because he better come back, or else. Lastly, congrats to Parenthood, who has been able to casually grind out a nice little run for itself, while everyone was screaming about all the other NBC comedies.

‘30 Rock’ and ‘Parenthood’ Officially Renewed, […]