Passion Pit Used to Sell Carnations Outside Penn Station

Perhaps you woke up this morning unaware that it is New Music from Indie Bands Who Were Very Popular in 2009 Day (it’s okay; we didn’t know either). But today is that day! So after this morning’s double-dose of Animal Collective, please now turn your attention to the new single from Passion Pit, whose sophomore album, Gossamer, is due July 24. “Take a Walk” is the lead track, and it is perhaps more financially and/or martially obsessed than you would expect from the band who asked the PS22 Chorus to sing about chemical highs, but — yeah, this’ll do for the summer dance playlist. Enjoy. And, in conclusion, if Phoenix or Grizzly Bear or any other ‘09 heavyweights feel like dropping new music today, that is totally cool by Vulture.

Passion Pit Sold Carnations Outside Penn Station