See Bill Murray as FDR in the First ‘Hyde Park on Hudson’ Trailer

Here’s your first look at ‘Hyde Park on Hudson,’ the upcoming historical dramady that stars one Mr. Bill Murray as former president Franklin Roosevelt. Hitting theaters on December 7th, it tells the true story of “the high tension 1939 meeting between America’s First Couple, the King and Queen of England — and the president’s cousin and maybe-mistress.” It looks pretty interesting; it’s actually kind of strange to see Murray playing such a character rather than the various shades of himself we’ve seen him play in recent years. It also certainly looks to be more drama than comedy, with some wry moments of levity brought by Murray’s mischievous president. Could this be the movie that changes Bill Murray from Academy Award Nominee to Academy Award Winner? It’s obviously far, far too early to say, but I’ll just go ahead and say yes, 100%, bank on it.

See Bill Murray as FDR in the First ‘Hyde Park on […]