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Bourne Legacy Trailer: Jeremy Renner’s Big Bike Ride

What do you do with your summer action franchise when your lead doesn’t want to play anymore? If you’re Paramount with the G.I. Joe sequel, you hastily dispose of Channing Tatum in the first reel, then delay the movie to 2013 after seriously regretting that move. Universal, however, is pressing on with its August slot for The Bourne Legacy, subbing in Jeremy Renner as a new agent to replace the exiting Matt Damon … although for all the talk of Jason Bourne in this new trailer, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Damon might make a cameo appearance. The new Bourne appears to stick to the old formula: Renner has an on-the-run gal pal in Rachel Weisz, and together, they navigate action scenes set in crowded foreign locales and narrow corridors. There is some very ambitious motorbiking, and at one point, Jeremy Renner jump-stomps a baddie as though he were disposing of a Goomba in Super Mario Bros. Are you in?

See Jeremy Renner’s New Bourne Legacy Trailer