Our Sherlock Contest Winner Is …

Sherlock, Series 2
Photo: Colin Hutton/Hartwood Films

Vulture sought one thing and one thing only for our Sherlock contest: The best alternate definition of “Benedict Cumberbatch,” personhood optional. First, our noble runners-up:

yesindeed: Benedict Cumberbatch (n): a generic term for any welcome sign posted for those entering a cucumber patch; can also be applied to welcoming remark spoken to someone entering a cucumber patch. Example: “As I walked into the cucumber field, a Benedict Cumberbatch was yelled to me in a friendly manner by the itinerant field hands.” Seemingly unrelated yet related term: Cumberbatchy (adj.): used to describe someone that is both quite strange-looking and incredibly attractive at the same time, usually distinguished by pronounced cheekbones or teeth. See also: Tennantish.

ewallace: Sex.

And our grand prize winner of an autographed Blu-ray, DVD, and poster:

fheaney: Benedict Cumberbatch was a breakfast dish famously enjoyed by Catherine Howard, the fifth wife of Henry VIII; the brief craze she inspired for it came to an abrupt end upon the occasion of her beheading. It consisted of a baked hash of goose liver, dandelion greens, suet, currants, and quail eggs (yolks only), served on a scone and garnished with sliced cucumber. Her love for this dish combined with her execution for adultery led to the popular superstition that seeing a quail lay an egg meant one’s lover was untrue.

Thanks for playing and giving us some lolz to detect, commenters.

Our Sherlock Contest Winner Is …