‘Spectrum’ Video: Florence Welch Is the Fuchsia Swan

A little refresher course, since it’s been a solid eighteen months since Natalie Portman pirouetted her way to insanity and death wings: The White Swan is the innocent, people-pleasing perfectionist; the Black Swan is the sexy, reckless Mean Girl. Not featured in Black Swan, but added to the line-up today by Florence Welch, is the Fuchsia Swan, who, as best we can tell from the David LaChapelle–directed video for “Spectrum,” is the highly dramatic New Age type with a crazy, tiered haircut. Florence surrounds herself with White Swan types who get loopier as the video goes on; there’s also a Fuchsia Mermaid moment, in case you identify more with fictional troubled sea creatures. It’s all a little nutty, but then, so are dancing swans. It’s the rule.

‘Spectrum’ Video: Florence Welch Is the Red Swan