sex talk

Watch a Supercut of Zooey Deschanel Trying to Talk About Sex on New Girl

When it comes to talking about sex and sex-related body parts on TV, some characters just come right out and say what they mean. Others take a more creative approach. Others, still, just hope the nasty stuff gets edited out later. But all of this falls well outside the realm of real talk for Zooey Deschanel’s New Girl character, Jess, whose mouth immediately fills with imaginary cotton balls if she has to say the word penis. More entertaining still is when Jess has to actually talk about bedroom activities, which when described sound less like sex and more like items on a quirky Pinterest board. Check out our video of a season’s worth of Jess’s sex euphemisms and try to guess how many she’ll use in tonight’s finale.

Supercut of Jess’s Sex Euphemisms From New Girl