The ‘Anchorman 2’ Trailer is Great Regardless of Bootleg Quality

This teaser premiered in front of The Dictator, last night, so thanks to this shaky handed fellow for capturing it for the Internet to devour. And good thing he did because the clip is really good. Like really, surprisingly, super great good. All the Anchorman 4 get to say a very Anchorman sounding phrase but it’s undoubtedly the Steve Carell show. It makes sense, considering since the first film, Carell has become WAY more famous. Also he’s the best. They all are the best. I love lamp, amirite? Well done, teaser, I’ve been successfully teased.

UPDATE: The teaser has been taken down for obvious reason. We’ll swap it out when a workable version hits the web. UPDATE 2: Another version, also of terrible quality and sure to be removed shortly, is now above. Enjoy it while you can!

The ‘Anchorman 2’ Trailer is Great Regardless of […]