‘The Office’ Brings in New Executive Producers to Help and Possibly Reboot the Show

With the departure of showrunner Paul “Toby” Lieberstein, Dan Sterling and Brent Forrester have been brought in to help run The Office’s office. Both Sterling and Forrester have the type of top-notch pedigree that you’d expect Greg Daniels to hire. Both worked with Daniels on King of the Hill. In addition, Sterling helped run The Sarah Silverman Program, co-created this year’s failed pilot for Sarah, and actually co-wrote an upcoming episode of Girls. Forrester started on The Ben Stiller Show, and then worked on The Simpsons, Mr. Show, and Undeclared, before serving as a consulting producer for The Office. No word yet on who will act as showrunner. Deadline speculates that Daniels himself might take over, as he is guiding many of the show’s changes. It seems like the news that Ed Helms, John Krasinski, and Jenna Fischer were returning didn’t necessarily mean that the show wouldn’t reboot. There might be some new characters in Scranton next fall, which is fine, as long as the keep the heart and soul of the show, Creed.

‘The Office’ Brings in New Executive Producers to Help […]