The One About Old Jews on Broadway

OLD MAN: Doctor, I can’t pee.

DOCTOR: Tell me, Mr. Moskowitz, how old are you?

OLD MAN: I’m 94.

DOCTOR: You’ve peed enough.

Believe me: It’s a lot funnier live. So is this one: Why didn’t Hitler drink? Mean drunk. Or the one about Feldman, who’s pulled over by a cop on the Long Island Expressway. Cop says, ‘Sir, do you know that your wife fell out of the car a mile ago?’ And Feldman says, ‘Thank God—I thought I was going deaf.’ But if you place classic jokes in the hands of outstanding comic actors, they become completely new.”

– Daniel Okrent in New York Magazine, explaining why, and eventually how, he brought Old Jews Telling Jokes to Broadway.

The One About Old Jews on Broadway