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Showrunner Theresa Rebeck on Smash: ‘I’m Moving On’

Theresa Rebeck
Theresa Rebeck. Photo: Robin Marchant/Getty Images

When NBC recently announced that creator Theresa Rebeck would be stepping down from showrunner duties on Smash (a position that was later filled by Gossip Girl vet Josh Safran), the network indicated that Rebeck could potentially still continue with the show as a writer-producer. However, when Vulture caught up with Rebeck this week at Bomb’s 31st anniversary gala at Capitale, Rebeck clarified things. “Actually, I’m moving on,” she told us. “I have other things to do. I feel like it is what it is and I’m really proud of the work I did, and it was time to do some other stuff. I owe Random House a novel and I was really excited about finishing that for them and I am also going to the O’Neil with a new play this summer. So I just have a lot of things on a plate.” Still, Rebeck said that she expected to be back on a TV show at some point. “I like working with television. I do,” she said. “[I’m] looking forward to it.” And might the playwright, who scripted the soon-to-close Seminar, eventually draft something that adds an additional meta layer to her Smash experience: a play about a TV show about theater? “Anything is a possibility,” teased Rebeck. “I would say, ‘You bet.’”

Theresa Rebeck on Smash: ‘I’m Moving On’