This Week In Web Videos: ‘Howard Gets an Interview’

When I received an email plugging a web series about a guy interviewing for jobs in corporate America, I felt a pang of disappointment. Someone had “stolen” my idea. I clicked the link hoping it wouldn’t be funny and I’d be vindicated as a comic genius, still able produce my own Webby-winning take. Unfortunately for my ego, Howard Gets an Interview is more than enough to fill the situational interview web series space. And I mean that in the best possible way.

Written by Jonathan F. Cohen and starring Timothy Hornor as Howard, the “series” is, at this point, one episode long and, thus, more of a sketch. Still, it’s production value, nuanced performances, and tight storyline warrant mention as a show to follow. Cohen and Co. just need to pop out some more installments to prove the pilot magic can be replicated.

Now, off to work on my next great web series idea: Star Wars. Hoping it hasn’t been done already. Before I go, here are three reasons to check out this week’s pick.

1. Office setting

Offices are ripe for conflict and, therefore, laughs. At work, we have a collection of opposing personalities, in a confined space, all working toward a common goal. Opportunities for funny are limitless.

2. Character-driven humor

Howard Gets an Interview won’t wow with sight gags or hilarious hijinks. It’s all strong writing brought to life by pro performers who shade even would-be monotonous beats in a way that’s perfectly human, instantly relatable, and totally hilarious.

3. Comfortably long

There are certainly two schools of thought on web series length and I’m not sure either’s totally right. Some say: “The shorter the better, audiences have 0 attention span”. Others say: “Tell a story; web is the new TV”. I think it all comes down to content and, in this case, the show’s funny enough to carry the weight of 4:30 while whetting an appetite for more.

Episode #1: “Competition”

This Week In Web Videos: ‘Howard Gets an Interview’