TMZ Harasses Pete Holmes on the Street (For Some Reason?)

Comedian/hell-of-a-guy Pete Holmes does the voice of the E*Trade baby. TMZ apparently thinks this is a thing the average TMZ on TV viewer cares about (Sidenote: Can you imagine anything worse than being described as an “average TMZ on TV viewer?” You cannot. It is the worst.) so they sicced the hounds on him. And by hounds, I mean their “reporters,” who might as well be hounds because they are dumb. The weirdest (or the You Made it Weirdest) part, beyond that fact that this happened in the first place, is that the condescending voice over sarcastically talks down to the unfortunate blond lady WHO WAS RIGHT. What I’m trying to say is, TMZ better stay away from comedy gossip, that’s Splitsider’s gossip and we don’t want to share (just like a baby).

TMZ Harasses Pete Holmes on the Street (For Some […]