Watch Veep’s Anti-Obesity PSAs and the VP’s Far Less Sensitive ‘Outtakes’

At the end of Sunday’s Veep, Selina was handed the undesirable assignment to head up the president’s anti-obesity campaign — even though just being around overweight people makes her uncomfortable. “You don’t masturbate in the subway, do you?” she angrily asked her aid. “Or shit in the street? Of course you don’t! Because you’ve gotten a hold of yourself. And now I’ve got to say what, ‘I’m the Vice-President of the United States, put the cupcake down’?” They settled on something marginally more dignified:

And these more candid “outtakes” just further support the claim that Julia Louis-Dreyfus is killing this role:

Watch Veep’s Anti-Obesity PSAs and ‘Outtakes’