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Watch Clips From the New NBC Comedies

NBC’s 2012-13 schedule includes six new comedies:  Go On, The New Normal, Animal Practice, Guys with KidsSave Me, 1600 Penn, and Next Caller.  Take a look.

Go On
Matthew Perry plays a recently widowed sportscaster who joins a grief support group with the goal of getting back on the radio as quickly as possible. 


The New Normal
In this take on the way we live — and, always most importantly, reproduce now — a wealthy L.A. gay couple falls in love (not literally, we don’t think) with the Midwestern single mother who acts as their surrogate. 

Animal Practice 
What happens when a socially challenged veterinarian’s animal hospital is taken over by his ex-girlfriend? There’s no way to know yet, but there is a monkey character. 

Guys with Kids
It’s all in the name: bros and babies.

Mid-Season Shows

Save Me 
Show-recalls-breakdown as Anne Heche stars as a woman who has a near-death experience and ends up with a direct line to God. 

Next Caller
Dane Cook plays a Howard Stern–like D.J. forced to share his show with “a chipper NPR feminist.” There will be boob jokes. 


1600 Penn
Bill Pullman and Jenna Elfman star as a First Couple trying to make things work in the White House. Josh Gad is the nerdy son.

Watch Clips From the New NBC Comedies