Hot Chip’s ‘Night & Day’ Video: These Monks Have the Moves

Also featured prominently in the video for “Night & Day,” off Hot Chip’s upcoming In Our Heads: Reggie Watts, who appears to be trapped in space bridge designed by elementary school teachers; model Lara Stone, who gets a command center more in keeping with the technologies you see on ESPN or The Avengers or whatever; and actor Terence Stamp, who is apparently on the right side of this intergalactic power struggle. But yeah, the monks — can we call the women in the robes monks? They’re certainly not nuns — are the ones to watch here. Did you know that it is possible to summon an explosive yin-yang disc from the furthest reaches of outer space with simple dance moves? It is! Just bow before your friendly egg god, do that weird bopping steering-wheel move, and boom. Enemies down. [Dance break.]

Watch Hot Chip’s ‘Night & Day’ Video