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Argo Trailer: Ben Affleck’s Real Movie About a Fake One

After hitting pay dirt with The Town, Ben Affleck was offered some of the plummest directorial gigs in town, from Man of Steel to Gangster Squad. Instead, Affleck decided to make Argo, a period drama based on an outrageous real-life occurrence: In order to rescue six diplomats trapped in Tehran in 1979, undercover CIA agents claimed to be making a Hollywood movie that would shoot there, then used the fake auspices of a film set to smuggle the diplomats away. If that sounds like the recipe for an excellent farce, that doesn’t appear to be the tone Affleck has taken, to judge by this new trailer: It’s a dramatic thriller through and through, with a couple of zingy lines at Hollywood’s expense. Then again, it is a trailer, and true to the movie’s premise, perhaps there’s more to Argo than initially meets the eye.

Watch the Argo Trailer, Starring Ben Affleck