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Beasts of the Southern Wild Trailer: How Far Can This Smashing Sundance Debut Go?

Sometimes a movie debuts at Sundance and becomes an unexpected sensation … and then the general public has to wait ages to see it, and in the meantime, the buzz dissipates. Not so Beasts of the Southern Wild, which Fox Searchlight will bow relatively early on June 27. The trailer for the movie just debuted, and it’s a great taste of this swampy Southern fairy tale about a little girl who’s forced to grow up when her father takes ill and her town is flooded. (Also, there are giant boar monsters.) Manhola Dargis in the Times called it “among the best films to play at the festival in two decades,” and Vulture’s in love, too … but can the striking Beasts go the distance with Oscar voters at the end of the year? We sure hope so, but in the meantime, we’ll just replay this trailer and fall back in love with the score, which was co-composed by director Benh Zeitlin (who hadn’t even made a feature before this, like, slow your roll dude, stop being so good).

Watch the Beasts of the Southern Wild Trailer