Allen Iverson Is in This Swizz Beatz–A$AP Rocky Video

The song is “Street Knock,” the producer is MPC wizard Araabmuzik, and the big names are Swizz Beatz (who’s got a new mixtape coming, on which this track will appear) and A$AP Rocky. But let’s cut to the chase here: Allen Iverson! And his crossover! In this music video! It’s a decent-size cameo, but still, pay attention or you might miss him amid the drag-racing and the drumline and the pull-ups (the exercise, not the diapers). Also, beware of the shaky-cam toward the end — it gets pretty purple and real. Okay, enough stalling, we all know why you’re here. Enjoy.

Watch the New Swizz Beatz–A$AP Rocky Video