‘Mind Control’ Video: Friends, Spies, Robots, and Beauty Queens

Vulture will be honest here: It took us more than one viewing to sort out all the various spy technologies and futuristic plotlines at work here, and we’re still not sure what year it is: 1977? 2032? There are old televisions and rotary phones; there are robots whose heads split kind of like the Guggenheim. Those beauty queens are working a solid eighties look — though beauty-pageant fashions have not really changed that much in the past 30 years, we suppose, and the frothing at the mouth would suggest some sort of zombie invasion or flesh-eating bacteria or something else that was not mentioned in our high school history books. Tricky! We’re relatively confident that it’s Friends who are doing the mind controlling here, though they seem to be trapped in a kaleidoscope. Can you run a future spy state from inside a kid’s toy? Whatever, it looks cool.

Watch the Video for Friends’ ‘Mind Control’