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Who to Root for in Tonight’s Eurovision Song Contest Finals

It might have slipped under our collective radars on this side of the Atlantic, but tonight is the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest finals! Twenty-six nations are sending their musically gifted — or just plain odd — champions to Baku, Azerbaijan, to compete before a projected audience of 125 million for the title of Europe’s Bravest Performer(s). (Since when is Azerbaijan considered part of Europe, you ask? Who knows.) So, if you do decide to tune into the livestream — already started, given the time difference — here’s just a few of the top acts you should watch out for.

Engelbert Humperdinck (United Kingdom)
The 76-year-old pop crooner is one of the first serious-to-goodness names to grace the Eurovision stage and will be performing, “Love Will Set You Free,” a song specially written for the contest. Oh, and he’ll be sporting a necklace gifted to him by Elvis Presley.

The Buranovskiye Grannies (Russia)
Six sprightly grandmothers wearing babushkas. They also bake bread during their performance. Enough Said.

Loreen (Sweden)
The Moroccan-born songstress, performing her already award-winning track “Euphoria,” is the hands-down favorite to win Eurovision. Now, if only she would work on that wavy-arm choreography.

Jedward (Ireland)
If you haven’t heard about Jedward, they are identical twins seen here wearing Alice in Wonderland suits of armor and jumping in a fountain. They were also Ireland’s entry last year.

Who to Root for in Tonight’s Eurovision Finals