Yeti Your Way Through the ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ Studio

Doesn’t work seem supes boring after a lovely long weekend? Well, Jimmy Fallon, a yeti, and the Late Night team have found a way to kill at least 25 minutes of your day. From Jimmy’s stained glass filled office to pipes Jim Henson once painted when he arrived early for a TV appearance to a yeti, it’s a tour that keeps on touring. You might have noticed I mentioned the existence of a yeti multiple times in this post and that’s because there is a lot of yeti activity. He doesn’t seem to be dangerous as much as a bit nosey. He has inspired me to write a one-act play called “Yeti the Yenta” about a yeti, living in the 1950s, who moves from the Himalayan Mountains to the Catskills to convert to Judaism and become a stand-up comedian.

Yeti Your Way Through the ‘Late Night with Jimmy […]