See Rachel Weisz in an Exclusive, NSFW Scene From 360

The new film 360, directed by Fernando Meirelles and written by Peter Morgan, has a starry ensemble cast that includes Jude Law, Anthony Hopkins, and Ben Foster, and each of them gets a spotlight sequence of his own as the film moves smoothly from following one character to another in a manner that recalls the classic La Ronde. 360 opens with Law’s character, then follows his estranged wife Rachel Weisz as she tries to break off her hot and heavy affair with younger lover Juliano Cazarré; Vulture’s got an exclusive, NSFW clip from that section of the movie, and let’s just say that if Weisz was hoping to call things off, she ends up in a very different position by the end of the scene. 360 premieres on VOD today.

See Rachel Weisz in an Exclusive, NSFW 360 Clip