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The Six Most Essential New Stills From Magic Mike

It’s not Christmas morning yet — this year, that date falls on June 29 — but still, there was a present in our RSS feeds today, and it was entitled, “50 New Stills From Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike.” 50! That’s 50, as in, “practically the combined age of stars Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer.” 50, as in “the amount of costume changes in this male stripper epic, including ‘sexy doctor,’ ‘sexy fireman,’ ‘sexy Ken doll,’ and ‘sexy gym rat in a neon yellow half-shirt.” But if you find the idea of 50 high-quality stills from this movie to be too overwhelming and you’d prefer a starter pack, allow Vulture to pick out the six most essential. If you’re still worried, view these through a pinhole as you might an eclipse. Enjoy!

The 6 Most Essential New Stills From Magic Mike