A Dicey Week in Comedy

- Louis C.K. and Andrew Dice Clay are going to be in the next Woody Allen film.

- Andy Samberg officially said goodbye to SNL.

- Someone is making the Community videogame.

- Chris Gethard made it to Bonnaroo alive and has videos to prove it.

- We talked to Scott Aukerman about the Comedy Bang! Bang! TV show and the career that prepared him for it.

- We spoke with Matt Besser about Freak Dance and improv4humans.

- We profiled a breaking out Aubrey Plaza.

- We celebrated the inherent comedy of Mad Men.

- We went through the archives to say goodbye, sort of, to Jack Benny.

- We talked to Reggie Wants about Comedy Bang! Bang! and his hair.

- We followed @JohnMoe on Twitter.

- We remembered Mark McKinney’s time on SNL.

- We searched for a worthy successor to The Larry Sanders Show.

- We found the lost Simpsons spin-offs.

- We explored the unexpected comedy of Eye Wide Shut.

- We watched the comedy documentary Exporting Raymond.

- We told the story about life after a Murphy Brown walk-on.

- We answer the question: Is New Girl the first “post-post-9/11 show?”

And here are those pesky  top five comedy videos of the week:

Product Displacement - “Mortmer Exterminators”

Puddin’- “Voiceover”

Cool Kids Table - “Kenan Thompson”

The Charlies - “Prince Water”

5 Second Films - “Family Heirloom”

A Dicey Week in Comedy