A Mournful Week in Comedy

- Nora Ephron passed away at age 71.

- Comedy Central ordered series from Anthony Jeselnik, Amy Schumer, and Ben Hoffman.

- The entire cast of Community is coming back next season.

- Louis C.K. is going on tour and selling the tickets directly to his fans.

- We spoke to Craig Cackowski about improv and Trust Us with Your Life.

- We spoke to Mike Sacks about And Here’s the Kicker, which is getting a sequel.

- We found the lost projects of Louis C.K.

- We went to see How Was Your Week Live.

- We reported back from the Just for Laughs Festival.

- We talked to IFC’s Senior Vice President of Original Programming Debbie DeMontreux about turning IFC into a comedy nerd haven.

- We went into the archives and found when Steve Martin and Martin Short reunited (again) on The Martin Short Show.

- We remembered Julia Sweeney’s gender-unspecific time on SNL.

- We follwed @JenStatsky on Twitter. 

- We watched some old YouTube clips of Danny Pudi.

- We considered the unexpected comedy of Speed Racer.

- We got introduced to Conan’s dark side by watching Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop.

And as usual, here are your Top Five Web Videos of the Week:

Guy Talk Episodes 2

UCB Comedy - “Vetting Mitt’s Veeps: Chris Christie”

“Meet the Band”

The Front Desk - “Hotel Amenities feat. J.B. Smoove”

The Officer Joey Show - Episode 2

A Mournful Week in Comedy