A Moving Week in Comedy

- Bob Odenkirk is filming a new movie with David Cross this summer.

- Steve Martin’s specials are finally coming to DVD.

- They’re making a Fraggle Rock movie.

- We spoke to Joe Mande about moving to LA to write for Parks & Recreation.

- We spoke with Jeffrey Joseph about returning to stand-up after a 12-year break.

- We looked back at Joss Whedon’s episodes of Roseanne.

- We talked with director Colin Trevorrow about Safety Not Guaranteed.

- We brought you the story of Italian comedian Beppe Grillo’s political revolution.

- We remembered Nora Dunn’s controversial time on SNL.

- We went inside Lorne Michaels’ early-80s sketch show flop, The New Show.

- We examined All in the Family and the first gay sitcom character.

- We laughed at the surprising humor of Holocaust films.

- We watched Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story.

- We wrote a letter to the editors of Elle about being raised by wolves.

- We followed Megan Amram on Twitter.

And now the tippity top five comedy videos of the week:

#BonnarooGethard - “Chris Gethard Gets To Vegas”

T.J. Miller - “I’m Having a Difficult Time Killing My Parents”

Puddin - “Raccoon”

CollegeHumor - “Pulling Out of Iraq (with Patrick Warburton and Ken Davitian)”

UCBComedy - “Reset Your Password”

A Moving Week in Comedy