‘Anger Management’ Is Way More Popular than Everything On Cable Ever, ‘Louie’ Is Doing Well, ‘BrandX with Russell Brand’ Is Solid

Watched by 5.47 million people (2.65 million 18-49), last night’s Anger Management premiere was the most watched cable comedy premiere ever. And then the second episode ended up beating it, with 5.74 million (2.89 million 18-49). For some comparison, this is well above what The Office brought in every week last season. If you remember, if Anger Management maintains a certain rating, they’ll be automatically renewed for 90 episodes. I think it’s pretty safe to say, we better get used to seeing Charlie manage anger.

On the bright side, both Wilfred and Louie are looking solid. Based on last year’s averages, they are up 71% and 55% respectively. This increase could have to do with the giant Anger Management lead in or it could just be the great deal of critical attention both shows have received.

Rounding out the night was Russell Brand’s BrandX, which premiered to a respectable 1.1 million people (687,000 adults 18-49).

After looking at these numbers, someone at FX corporate  yelled out, “Duh, winning.” And everyone laughed because that’s a funny joke in an office environment.

‘Anger Management’ Is Way More Popular than Everything […]