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Justin Bieber Brings Mass Hysteria, Possibly Improved Dance Moves to Today Show

Let’s be clear: Vulture has always had a deep appreciation for Justin Bieber’s dance moves — the Ralph Macchio, the slide-and-point, the Kevin James–in-Hitch. Recently, we’d wondered whether All-Grown-Up Justin was relying on the “baby crotch grab” a bit too much, but luckily, on the Today show, where there were thousands of screaming tween Beliebers packed into Rockefeller Center hanging on to his every gyration, Bieber was not allowed to point at his crotch too much. Instead, he had to gin up some actual choreography — “Vogue”-ish arms, twisty footwork, the airplane dance from “Otis,” briefly, during “Boyfriend” — and in Vulture’s studied opinion, it was a considerable improvement. Maybe the boxing training has side benefits? Maybe Justin Bieber is taking Barre Pilates classes now? Somebody ask Matt Lauer, he probably knows.

Bieber Brings Possibly Improved Moves to Today