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Silver Linings Playbook Trailer: Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence Have Crazy Chemistry

You might not think to romantically pair Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, but the two do have one important trait in common: They’re great talk-show guests, unpredictable, self-effacing, and occasionally swoon-worthy. That fun, chatty side of their personalities gets a well-matched workout in the trailer for David O. Russell’s Silver Linings Playbook, where former mental patient Cooper starts to fall for recently widowed Lawrence, in part because she’s just as nutty as he is and just as prone to speaking whatever’s on her mind. (They can also go toe-to-toe when it comes to dishing on psychiatric meds.) Also along for the ride: Chris Tucker, making his first appearance in a non–Rush Hour movie in fifteen years! (Fifteen!) That should probably warrant more than the brief moment he’s afforded in this trailer, but when you’ve got a Cooper-Lawrence ballroom-dance sequence to get to, we suppose you have to make some tough choices to cut everything down to two and a half minutes.

Bradley Cooper’s Silver Linings Playbook Trailer