Cartman’s Muscle Man Marc Doll Is Now a Real, Purchasable Doll

Do you have $125 and nothing to spend it on? Like really nothing? Well, South Park superfan/designer Marc Jacobs will happily take that money in exchange for a limited edition Muscle Man Marc doll like the one Cartman had. You can buy it here on Marc’s website. While you’re there, you might as well also purchase this $38 iPhone case that just says “Marc Jacobs” over and over in black and grey or this $128 “MJ” embossed camera case or this $68 graphite middle finger, which could be a paper weight or a cumbersome belt buckle – I’m not sure (How does fashion work?). Watch the animated Muscle Man Marc in action below. And by “action,” I mean just sitting there whilst Cartman provides voiceover.


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Cartman’s Muscle Man Marc Doll Is Now a Real, […]