Comedy Central to Roast Roseanne

Comedy Central has named Roseanne the next target for Jeff Ross and whoever is trying to be Greg Giraldo this year. The roast will be shot in LA on August 4 and air on August 12 at 10:00p.m. On being roasted, Roseanne commented, ” “All I can say is good luck finding anything about me to make fun of… I mean, I’ve never made a mistake or offended anyone in my life!” It might be tough so here are a few jokes to get the roasters started:

Is it Rose? Is it Anne? Pick a name, Roseanne.

Hey Roseanne, remember when you sang the National Anthem poorly?

You were married to Tom Arnold. That was silly.

Roseanne Barr? More like Roaseanne Barn.

I wouldn’t fuck Roseanne with Roseanne’s dick.

Comedy Central to Roast Roseanne