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Last Night on Late Night: Conan, Andy Richter Mercilessly Taunted Jennifer Love Hewitt for Vajazzling

Last night on Conan, Jennifer Love Hewitt sang the highest praises to vajazzling — “It makes you feel saucy, and I don’t know, it’s kind of fun to walk around and just think that nobody has any idea how shiny it is down there!” Apparently, Conan and Andy Richter also held some pretty strong (and hysterical) viewpoints on the matter. So much so that despite Hewitt’s earnest advocacy for a glittery vajayjay — “It works, and it gets a reaction” and “It’s really for the girl to do for herself” — the late-night hosts kept flinging more jokes. Plus: Julianne Hough dished that Alec Baldwin would pretend to be British around Russell Brand during the shooting of Rock of Ages, which still leaves the question unanswered — Why did Baldwin try to pull out of the movie? Also, Neil Patrick Harris’s likeability threatens Stephen Colbert — “You make being gay not seem threatening”; and Aubrey Plaza loves “that fucking bitch” Barbara Walters, despite the anchor’s snub at the Time 100 dinner. Watch our compilation to see what you missed. 

Conan Taunted Vajazzler Jennifer Love Hewitt