‘Daily Show’ Senior Correspondents Make Some Outside of the Show Plans

It must be real awkward around the Daily Show correspondents’ cafeteria. Everyone is a senior correspondent of something – there are no junior correspondents – leaving them with no natural hierarchy. Good thing they all get out of the office from time to time. Recently, Senior Middle East Correspondent Aasif Mandvi got out to film a new special for the Cooking Channel. Today’s Special: NY Indian pairs Mandvi with Indian food expert Madhur Jaffrey and follows the duo around New York as they sample the best in South Asian food. Sounds delicious and hilarious. Less delicious and probably more hilarious will be Larry Wilmore’s Race, Religion and Sex one-hour special, which the Daily Show’s Senior Black Correspondent shot for Showtime. Filmed in a town hall format, the special includes interviews, panels, and “man on the street” clips. It’s being reported that recently in unison Mandvi and Wilmore told Senior Latino Correspondent Al Madrigal to “suck it.”

‘Daily Show’ Senior Correspondents Make Some Outside […]