Exclusive: When David Blaine Suggested Killing Marina Abramovic

The new documentary Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present takes a fascinating look at Abramovic and her crowning artistic achievement: the 2010 MoMA show that had her sitting and staring into strangers’ eyes for months on end, eventually totaling just over 730 hours of silent communion. But as this exclusive clip (courtesy of HBO) makes clear, the show could have been very, very different if David Blaine had gotten his way. The persuasive illusionist met with Abramovic when she was conceiving her piece and pitched a performance where he’d essentially ax-murder her; what’s more, Abramovic was actually kinda into it! So why didn’t it end up in the show? For that answer, you’ll have to check out the documentary, opening tomorrow in New York and Friday in Los Angeles. Enjoy the clip … and don’t eat glass like this at home.

When David Blaine Mulled Marina Abramovic Murder