‘Family Guy’ and KISS Team Up for Branded Products I’m Doubly Uninterested In

It’s nice when people want to save you time, isn’t it? For example, if there was a line of Family Guy branded products, I’d want to not waste much time thinking about them. The same goes for a theoretical line of KISS branded products. But man, trying to ignore two different lines of branded products? That’s exhausting. Luckily, they’re combining them so there will only be a single line of weird junk products for us to ignore.

What to expect? “Fox will work with Live Nation Merchandise, KISS’ licensing agent, to find partners to create vinyl figures, bobble heads, apparel, plush, novelty, barware, social expressions and fine art.” Yes, fine art. I assume that means a black velvet painting of Peter Griffin dressed up like Gene Simmons. I can literally not imagine anything I would want less than that. But you know what? Someone out there will be super psyched about this stuff, and power to ‘em. Different strokes, different folks, etc.

‘Family Guy’ and KISS Team Up for Branded Products I’m […]