Fiona Apple Talks Roseland, Tells Anonymous People Off on Fallon

In addition to performing two songs with the Roots — a cover of Paul McCartney and Wings’ “Let Me Roll It,” and the desperately romantic “Anything We Want,” off her new album — the generally reclusive Fiona Apple sat on a chair next to Jimmy Fallon and made exuberant small talk in front of a camera last night. It’s Fiona Apple Week, so it would be against the spirit of things to say otherwise, but really: She was very charming. Fallon, who opened for Apple at her infamous 2004 Roseland Ballroom meltdown, very gently broached the subject, and Apple gamely explained the entire situation. (“I couldn’t stop crying,” basically.) Then, awesomely, she segued into a personal announcement informing a mystery individual that, whatever he or she may think, “Anything We Want” “is not about you.” Look at the screwball way she searches around for the camera before telling whomever off. Too charming, see?

And here is “Anything We Want,” because it’s wonderful:

Fiona Apple Talks Roseland on Fallon