Gillian Jacobs Discusses ‘Community’s’ True Geniuses Dan Harmon and Torg

Gill-Jax is out promoting Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, but since her appearance in the film is brief, there is plenty of time for Community questions. The first being how does she feel about this whole Dan Harmon dust-up:

We’re all very grateful to him, because he really changed our lives and our careers, so we have an infinite amount of gratitude towards him and his beautiful writing and his ambition. But being an actor, we don’t often have any power [over who is showrunner or not]. We’re all used to being in a position of no power, no decision-making. We’re trying to focus on making the fourth season, despite all the bumps in the road, because this is remarkable that a low-rated, underwatched show made it to season four in spite of everything.

She also addressed who’d be the surprise star of the post-sixth season Community movie:

It would have to involve Torg from the timelines episode. He might curse us and we would have to venture into the magical forest to defeat him… I mean, as a cast, we are obsessed with Torg. We put him back in the Christmas episode — you can see him if you freeze the frame. So we need to see him come back to life and terrorize Troy.

You hear that, Torg, get ready for your menacing spotlight.

Gillian Jacobs Discusses ‘Community’s’ True Geniuses […]