And Here Is Teen Rapper Kitty Pryde’s ‘Call Me Maybe’ Remix

Photo: kitty pryde/Bandcamp

First, a quick refresher for those of you who have been sleeping on your Maybe-Teen Tumblr Rap trends: Kitty Pryde is the Florida redhead behind “Okay Cupid,” a hazy homemade-ish rap song and video that took certain music blogs (and the New York Times) by storm last month. She is, if nothing else, an Internet genius: see her hilarious Twitter; her endearing interviews, in which she gushes about Danny Brown and working at Claire’s; and most recently, her debut EP haha i’m sorry, which includes a Riff Raff feature and a sax-addled remix of that other teenybop Internet phenomenon, Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.”* Kitty is admittedly a little late to the game here — everyone from fake-Barry to the Roots have covered Carly Rae, and the Village Voice wrote its “Call Me Maybe” backlash piece this very morning! — but we’re guessing that will matter not at all when the “GIVE ME SCABIES” (as it is renamed) reblog count comes in. Also, yes, this means that the Second Annual Summer of Sax has officially started. Smooth jams and weirdo giggle rapping for all.

* For the record, Carly Rae Jepsen is in fact twenty-six.  Her song isn’t, though.

And Here Is Kitty Pryde’s ‘Call Me Maybe’ Remix