No, That’s Not Tom Hardy in Prometheus

It isn’t.

Will you find Ridley Scott’s complicated space saga Prometheus confusing? Possibly, though Vulture will attempt to limit your head-scratching right off the bat with one simple statement:

No, that is not Tom Hardy in the movie. It’s Logan Marshall-Green.

Look, we get where you (and your friends, and your mom) are coming from on this one: At times, it can be hard to tell this summer’s pouty-lipped up-and-comers apart. Each exudes a street-smart-but-sensitive vibe, and each manages to come off as both manly and fey at the same time. Slap a beard and pomade on the two of them and even their own mothers might be confused! But with this handy-dandy guide to their similarities and differences, perhaps you’ll have an easier go of it.

Who is Logan Marshall-Green?
Let’s try to nip this in the bud right now, in terms you will hopefully understand: Logan Marshall-Green played Trey on The OC. Remember? Ryan’s brother? Mischa Barton shot him? Mmmm, whatcha say?

If that didn’t ring any bells for you, here is some more knowledge: Logan Marshall-Green is American, and you may have seen him on shows like 24 and Dark Blue, or on the arm of his ex-girlfriend Marisa Tomei. He is playing Charlie Holloway in Prometheus, a scientist who also serves as the love interest for female lead Noomi Rapace.

Tom Hardy is British, and you probably know him for his roles in Inception and Bronson. He is playing the villainous Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, though you might not be able to recognize him, since his character wears a mask. He is a fun interview.

How do you tell them apart? Well, it’s confusing, and appearances can be deceiving, because though LMG seems like the fresh-faced upstart, he’s actually a little older and taller than Hardy. But Hardy does tend to be more musclebound in his roles, so there’s that. Also, Hardy’s eyes are more greenish-blue, and Marshall-Green’s are more brownish-blue. Look, every little bit helps, right?

Tom Hardy keeps adding to your confusion.
Of course, Tom Hardy didn’t help matters by actually showing up to the U.K. premiere of Prometheus, despite the fact that he’s not in the film. (He is in the upcoming Mad Max reboot, where he’ll star opposite Prometheus’s Charlize Theron, though.) Logan Marshall-Green wore a Balenciaga suit to the premiere; Tom Hardy wore jeans, his bushy beard, and several bracelets. Sartorial differences, if they continue to play out, could prove important.

Logan Marshall-Green has a twin brother, so.
Don’t worry, LMG is well-aware of all the comparisons to Tom Hardy. “I’d be honored to be in the same sentence as Tom Hardy,” he told Elle. But then, he added this: “I’ve been a twin since the day I was born — fraternal, but we look a lot alike — so I’ve already been mixed up with another man my entire life.” Forget all this stuff about Prometheus divulging the origins of H.R. Giger’s iconic movie alien … can we get a movie investigating the totally welcome phenomena that spawned three of these broad-shouldered, bee-stung, leading-man types? Noomi? Ridley? A little help?

No, That’s Not Tom Hardy in Prometheus