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Party Lines Slideshow: Jaime Cepero, Greta Gerwig, Olivia Munn, and More at the Premiere of Lola Versus

Jaime Cepero. Photo: Patrick McMullan

When Vulture ran into Jaime Cepero at the Cinema Society after-party for Lola Versus Tuesday night at the Standard, our first instinct was to express our condolences — after all, wasn’t his character, Ellis (along with Dev, Frank, and Michael Swift), axed from the show? He seemed a little confused by our sentiment, though, pointing out that nothing has been confirmed by either the network (NBC) or the new showrunner (Josh Safran) just yet. “It’s hard to know right now who’s coming back and how,” he told us. “Nobody knows anything. It’s not confirmed.” Let’s give Cepero the benefit of the doubt: If anyone can find a way to weasel his way back in, it’s Ellis, the guy who put peanuts in Uma Thurman/Rebecca Duvall’s smoothie. Plus, he had that line in the finale threatening to come back (“You haven’t heard the last of this”). But if it should turn out that Cepero does need some consoling down the road — like our girl Lola does after her breakup in the movie — he knows where to go for it. “There’s a place on 9th and 57th in midtown that on Saturdays and Sundays has a meal and drinks for $15,” he told us when we asked him for a good spot to go post-split. “You can drink mimosas all day. Fifteen dollars, and then you can get wasted. I would go there for a Sunday brunch.” For more recommendations on what to do in New York following a breakup, click through our slideshow.

Jaime Cepero Says Ellis May Return to Smash