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John Hodgman Reacts to Bored to Death Movie News

Actor John Hodgman attends
John Hodgman. Photo: Fernando Leon/Getty Images

As Vulture reported yesterday, a Bored to Death movie is a real possibility. Ted Danson let it slip first to a French journalist and then HBO confirmed that they are indeed in talks but at a “very early stage.” Whatever the stage, it seems they are not filling in John Hodgman. At the premiere of Harvey on Broadway last night, he had this — a lot — to say:

“I have not heard about this. Are you kidding? Nothing would make me happier! If that information is true, then chills have just run up and down my whole body, just hearing that — happy chills. But Ted Danson, hard to say — working very hard these days on CSI, maybe he was suffering from some jet lag, you know what I mean? He could be easily confused. You know, my dream was to bring Bored to Death back as a radio drama, as a series of radio dramas, because that’s where the money is. But if Ted Danson wants to bring it back as a movie, boy oh boy. I think that the audience is there. There is a sense of true mourning. And Jonathan Ames, that very night while we were at the bar [for the show’s funeral], had suggested to me some ideas for the lamented fourth season, which were very intriguing, but I cannot say more than that. All I remember is that for the first four episodes, it would only be me, and the guys wouldn’t appear until like the last episode, yeah. It would be a real switcheroo. I think that’s what he said to me. But actually, without revealing too much, there was an element that we would pick up with the guys a little later on. Even when he was thinking there might be a fourth season, that there might be a little time jump. Not a major Battlestar Galactica–style time jump, but there be some time lapsed. And that would be even more appropriate now.”

Then he told us that Jason Schwartzman is his imaginary friend. Done.

John Hodgman Reacts to Bored to Death Movie News