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Last Night on Late Night: Judd Apatow Made a Cameo on Emma Stone Interview, Still Prefers Her As a Redhead

Last night on Late Night, Judd Apatow made a cameo appearance to voice his ongoing preference for guest Emma Stone as a redhead. Plus: Louis C.K. had tanked his original audition for the much larger, “tough guy” role now delegated to Andrew Dice Clay in Woody Allen’s new film, and reenacted a funny conversation between his two co-stars. Also, Russell Brand regretted pouring out his water and tossing the mug behind the sofa in a grand gesture of the meaninglessness of life — “I would never have done it if it was something sticky, other than obviously, bodily effluvia,” he half-apologized; and Seth MacFarlane is not used to working with characters who would ignite an intoxicated anti-Semitic rant — so no dice for Mel Gibson. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Judd Apatow Made a Cameo on Emma Stone Interview